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Valuation Planning

Do you have a plan? How many people buy a house without an appraisal? How many people buy a car without checking the Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds? Many business owners think they know what their business is worth, well good luck with that. Without an appraisal it's only a guess, and it's a guess you never prove right or wrong. It's also a guess that can cost you much more than an appraisal. Would you use a "rule of thumb" to buy a house or a car? The answer is of course, "No." A valuation considers your financial performance, your synergies, your competitive environment, and the economic and political climate in which you operate? Get ahead, by planning ahead.

Risk Planning

Do you have a plan? It is important to know that you have the right processes, policies, and controls in place to prevent fraud. Do you suspect fraud already? The news is riddled with stories of fraudulent transactions, embezzlement, data theft, and corruption. But wait, this couldn't possibly happened to you, right? Attorney's love that one. Our business environment has become much more complex. As we extend high-end services, the ability to intercept data and information is very easy. Employee background checks may tell you something about a person's past, but nothing about what they may later decide to do. Get ahead, by planning ahead.

Succession Planning

Do you have a plan? You work long hours, and your family understands that you have to work. At what point did you start thinking about the need to secure the future of the firm, customers or patients, and your employees. Do you want to leave a positive legacy, and fund your retirement at the same time, or will your business simply fade away when you depart -- voluntarily or involuntarily? Succession Planning is much more than a simple life insurance policy. It is a complex weave of transferring the owner's hard-earned goodwill to capable management. Get ahead, by planning ahead.

Financial Planning

Do you have a plan? Making the right decisions, all the time, is simply impossible. However, making the best decisions can only come from being fully informed. Do you know if your decisions are destroying your hard-earned value? Don’t wake up one day to finally figure out the last five years of decisions have poorly positioned your business to compete, to take on new investors or debt, or to sell. Get ahead, by planning ahead.

Some facts

Succession Planning involves the core elements of managerial planning, financial planning, ownership planning and valuation services, and retirement planning. Below are some interesting facts about today’s businesses.

of the workforce is employed by the 4.6 million small businesses in the US.

of top managers say there is risk to a company's longevity by not having a succession plan of key employees.

of small businesses do not have any form of succession planning in place.

million baby boomers will be retiring over the next 20 years. Many are small business owners.



What we do

TruVenture provides free consultations, workshops, onsite training, and a full suite of corporate and practice planning services.


Call or click to schedule a free one-on-one consultation. We can provide valuable information during the free consultation period. If you decide to engage our services, we will create a plan specific to your needs. All consultations are confidential, and any information provided to our firm is securely stored according to your case requirements.


TruVenture hosts five to ten workshops a year to provide owners with critical information necessary for business and succession planning. Our workshops often include an expert panel consisting of financial planners, attorneys, accountants, bankers, TPAs, and retirement specialists.

Onsite Training

We are dedicated to your success. Part of that success is the right training. Our experts can help you identify key areas that often reduce value or increase the risk of fraud and attack. Our training and consultation services include areas like financial risk, interest rate risk, data security risks, process and policy weaknesses, and fraud risk.

Tailored Services

TruVenture will not sell you something you do not need. Our firm provides targeted improvements that are affordable and effective. We do not look to upsell, or to replace services you already have with another professional. TruVenture will collaborate with your internal and external representatives to achieve the desired goal.

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